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Who DOES suffer fools gladly?

...Well, my friends apparently. XD

This was the question asked at last nights performance, by me, to an unsuspecting crowd of an indeterminate size. It was six minutes before the end of the show, and both myself and my lovely blonde friend had started to pack up the remains of the cookie-dough-brownie cake, the chocolate sauce and choco-fudge brownie ice-cream, which by the way is the perfect breakup food. Cooking the browies yourself is even better. Anyway.
Two minutes before we left the studio, we got a reply, from an unknown source on the shoutboards. It had been like that for all two hours of 'Viva La Biscuit', several anonymous people had requested songs alongside our beloved regulars and our self-appointed temporary pimp for the night, Andy. Said people had refused to identify themselves, which was fine by us, but the intrique from both mine and Sian's quarters still remained at large.

The reply read simply: 'I do. It helps to make you feel better about how much of a fool you are yourself XD'

Which, while absolutley true, does fuck all for your self esteem when you DO realise how much of a fool you truly are.

Why did I write the first part of this entry in a fancy-poncy novellesque style? No clue, given as yesterday I refering to all and sundry as bastards.

And i've just realised that nobody did realise yesterday that the comment about suffering fools gladly was taken directly from Eddie Izzard, who is by far my favourite comedian.

'Viva La Biscuit' makes my Mondays, and is frequently the only reason I come into Uni on said day, because class is nowhere as important as pissing around with Sian for two hours in a cramped, litter-strewn radio studio, with out-of-date CD's, shiny new CD player, a mixing deck named 'Alice' and the worlds slowest computer EVER. All this, plus homemade brownies, decent ice cream, technical difficulties, a loyal fanbase both on and off Facebook, and the ability to simply play whatever the hell we want, and to talk about whatever comes to mind both on and off air.

That, my friends, sums up the one truly great event of my week.
Actually, that's a bit long. Try this:

Laughs, shameless behaviour, absolute piggary and fantastic music.

Thats Viva La Biscuit.

Writer's Block: Set Sail

Spike and Angel, President Roslin and Gaius Baltar, Harry and Hermione—shippers often find pairings that the original author might have overlooked. What coupling of fictional characters would you most like to see?
 I can't be the only person that thought Robin and Beast Boy from TT would be an interesting pairing!

Happiness is...

- 13 days worth of updates! (hoo boy. I've been busy!)

- First day of university! (WAS EXCELLENT)

- Discovering a new fandom to slash the hell out of!

- Going out clubbing for the first time.

- Getting a decent nights sleep AFTER going clubbing for the first time.

- Hanging around with old friends and making new ones at the same time.

- Copious amounts of tea.

- Sharing a giggle over misinformation.

- Having a cry when you really need it.

- Dressing up as a hippie for a night out!

- Discorvering that the dress you made for the above night out functions as a terrific nightie.

- Finding out that 'my hat' is what defines somebody you just met.

- Curling up with the newest installment in a epic saga you love.

Happiness is...

(three for you)

Scarfing a unhealthy lunch of Pop tarts and jerky, and not giving a hoot!

Finding something you've lost for a while.

Laughing your guts out at witty comments and foolish behaviour at a sleepover.

Happiness is...

(four of them, as I haven't updated for a while)

-Getting the most annoying jingle jester pen ever to annoy your classmates with!

-Baking rainbow cake for your friends sleepover.

-A sleepy baby brother.

-Getting a big box full of snacks from America!

Happiness is...

...getting stupidly excited about all the new stationary and folders that you've bought for the new term, even if it doesn't start for another three weeks.


See ya tomorrow!

Happiness is...

...buying a piece of clothing that is totally unsuitable for the coming weather, but makes you giggle and jump around every time you wear it.

In my case, a floaty turquoise Laura Ashely skirt with black embroidery. I actually can't stop prancing around in it!

See ya tomorrow!

Happiness is...

...watching your one year old baby brother try to fit his mouth around an ice cream cone, having just nicked it from your mother, and laughing as he alternatly giggles and grimaces.

Every day until October 7th, I will post a 'Happiness is...'. This is purely to make anyone who is reading smile, and also just because I feel like it! Woohoo!

See ya tomorrow!

The May ball and its idiocies

Every year, my college picks some daft theme to base the may ball on. The may ball is (supposed to be) the last big bash before the exams, and before the second years (or third, if you took a third year) leave for good. Last year, this was a masqurade theme. About six people showed up with masks, and no-one wore them. This year, it was James Bond. Why? What posssible reason did they have to pick James Bond? It's not even a real theme. Unless you turn up as a bond villan or in swimming trunks, which no-one did, everyone is going to be in a tux or a dress. Just like at any other school-thrown party. So whats the point?

That being said, the college made a vague effort to make the ball James-Bond-y. There were cut outs of bond girls and the man himself around the hall, the celing decorations were black and white, there was a roulette table (that you couldn't win any money from) and for the under-18's; which there were quite a few, myself included; the MyJuice shop in town provided a 'mock-tail' bar serving extortinally priced but very small smoothies in fake martini glasses. With names like 'Mabye Baby' and 'All-Nighter', they sounded cheesy, but tasted quite nice.

And though I have mocked the theme idea, the night was damn good. Myself and all my friends danced until our feet started to bleed (no, seriously, mine did bleed) to cheesy numbers (saturday night, Cha Cha slide, Cotton-eye Joe), recent hits (Monster, Mr Brightside,  etc) and proper dance tracks with names I can't remember. The college band was decent, although we got a bit bored, but they could definatly get a job singing Bond songs. The rock version of the J.B theme was terrific, and they were excellent at 'By the way' by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The student DJ, who I know from secondary school, was awesome as well. Around hour four, when the hard-core dance music started, one of the A-level dance groups got up on stage and did an amazing routine that had everyone clapping. Seriously, those guys (and girls) should get A's because they were bloody fantastic, and they got everyone watching them, which is near impossible in a crowd of teenagers. Bravo.

One of the best memories I have of the ball is getting up on the platform to do the macarena. About half our group came up with me, and we were the first and only ones to venture up there all night. Seeing about 600+ students on the dancefloor all doing the macarena in synch was something I will never forget. Same goes for 'Saturday night' and 'Cha Cha slide'.

Every single girl in the hall took her shoes off by hour three. Thats how hard everyone was dancing that night. The Charter Hall bouncers were going round telling us to put our shoes back on, but they gave up by hour four, because no-one was paying the slightest bit of attention to them.

Despite concept flaws, the May Ball was a fantastic night, and anyone who didn't go really missed out. I'm seriously glad I went, and i'd go again anytime. Just goes to show that college can sometimes get it right on the money.



I had a lookie look at how long I've been here on dA. It'll be three years at the end of March. Bloody hell. Three freaking years. How have I spent those years? Certainly I've grown in that time. I haven't matured much in terms of being childish, but i've grown, and the two are not dependant on each other. My artistic skill has grown. I've stepped away from drawing and painting (It has in fact been almost a year since I've drawn anything other than doodles) and focused on my writing which has progressed in leaps and bounds. I even have the skeletons of a teenage fantasy novel forming in my head, which is massive progress for me, seeing as the potential was there but I never could expand it until recently. I've learned new crafts, modelling, sewing and jewellery making, a tiny bit of calligraphy. In those respects I feel proud of myself.

I've made new friends and strengthed old bonds. I owe so much to all the people that have stuck with me and put up with my somewhat unpredictable moods, and I never can express how much you all mean to me. To everyone who ever told me I was wrong, that I was right, who were honest, and open and trusted me enough to share their secrets with no one else, Thank you.

I've left my secondary school behind and enjoyed college. My acedemic life has suffered as my social life has improved but I have no regrets in this respect. I've gained a foothold in new areas of knowledge that I never knew existed and I'm happy to have done so.

I've grown with my family, adopting some of the matriarchal aspects of my mother. My family has expanded, giving me a new brother with who I hope to have a long and happy reletionship. Things have changed throughout the years but we are still the tightly-loose knit family we have always been and hopefully shall always be.

Three years is a long time. Enough time to alter significantly, to grow, to find new interests and loves. Trivial things change, shoe size, fashion sense, music tastes. Intrerests expand, a tree grows, the earth revolves, life continues. Peace or conflict. Ease and unrest. To be or Not to be. And after all this?
There is change.
It is, after all, a long time.